About Us

Company Profile

Company Name : Fuji Real Estate Services Co., Ltd
Address : Building No.68, Room(205), 2nd Floor, Yuzana Condo , corner of kabaraye Pagoda Road & Shwe Gone Daing Road, West Shwe Gone Daing Block, Bahan Township, Yangon , Myanmar.
Date of Foundation : October.10.2012
Share Rule: 1 Share
Board of Director: 2 person
Number of Employees: 30 as of the end of April 2019
Business Advisor: Mr. Miyazono Yoshihiro
Lawyer: U Zin Thin Aung

Our Mission

Fuji Real Estate Company Limited aims to participate in the Sector of Investors from Japan for development of Myanmar Real Estate

Our Vission

Fuji Real Estate Company Limited having aims and objects to carry out the Real Estate Business to fully satisfy the Customers and Affiliate Organizations.

Main Business

  • Services in sale, purchase, lease of Land, Building and Apartment
  • Copying of Land Maps (Sale Deed, Ownership Deed and Succession)
  • Name change of Land Plot
  • Decoration and preparation of properties to the Condo Apartments leased as to satisfaction of Lessee
  • Translation and Interpretation Services to satisfy the Foreigner Tenants

Our Services

  1. Deed execution (Local Deeds / Registered Deeds )
  2. Copying of Land Maps
  3. Application of New Leasehold Grant
  4. Application for Name change of Land Plot
  5. Assignment of Special Power & General Power
  6. Execution of Ownership Deed
  7. Execution of Release Deed
  8. Registration of Trademark Patent
  9. Execution of Adoptive Deed
  10. Execution of Sale and Purchase Deed / Execution of Advance Payment Deed
  11. Execution of Lease Deed of Apartment
  12. Execution of Sale, Purchase, Lease Deed of Farm Land and Execution of Agreement
  13. Execution of Sale, Purchase, Lease Deed of Garden Land
  14. Sale, Purchase, Lease Deed of Motor Vehicle